Gordon Allison McMillan

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Gordon Allison McMillan, former Los Angeles Chapter member and former organist-choir director at First Baptist Church, Los Angeles, passed away peacefully Saturday, April 21 after a brief illness of cancer. He was surrounded by family and friends in Dallas, where he had lived since retiring from the First Methodist Church, Lubbock, TX where he developed and conducted multiple choirs and an extensive music series.


In the early 60s, while Gordon was at First Baptist Church of Los Angeles, he raised money for and oversaw the rebuilding of the 1926 Kimball organ by Ken Simpson & Co. with Clarence Mader as consultant. His organ students included Dennis Keene, organist/choirmaster of Ascension Church in New York City where he also conducted the renown choral ensemble "The Voices of Ascension."

Gordon was an active member of the Los Angeles Chapter. First Baptist Church sponsored a recital series on the newly renovated organ. Recitalists included Virgil Fox, Pierre Cochereau, John Weaver, Irene Robertson, Ted Allen Worth, and Frederick Swann.


We extend our condolences to Gordon's family and friends.